Extensive Services, Various Users

Extensive Services, Various Users

We have the widest range of bad debt loans in the UK without a guarantor being required. Instant funds and enhanced credit ratings are the two main benefits these people enjoy. Payday financing is one of our most sought-after products in the category of impaired loans.

Our lending policies are liberal and accept clients from all fields and all financial circles. Employee, unemployed, business class and independent. We also prohibit any discrimination against clients with respect to the County Court Judgment. They are also and rightly eligible to use short-term funds, just like any other candidate.

While lending money, our main concern is not your credit ratings, we trust our customers for their current financial situation. For us, solvency is not just about credit rates. It’s more about the current financial efficiency that a person possesses.

The role of the “no credit check” factor

The role of the "no credit check" factor

Loan Palace eliminates the problem that people with a poor credit rating are constantly facing rejections. We allow this problem to find a quick and easy solution by adding the option “no credit check” to our outstanding credits. This means that your loan application is likely to receive loan approval even with a spot of an adverse credit record.

Loans are specifically designed for people who have made bad credit but need quick financial help. This policy is quite different from traditional lending methods where options are very less for these people. Now they have an equal chance to borrow money and interest rates are also affordable for their finances. The application of these loans consists of simple steps online and nothing extraordinary is required. Just fill out an online form, put the necessary details and submit it to get instant approval of the loan.